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About XERP

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XERP is very modular using a very repeatable pattern... All maintenance screens are built in the same manner and have the same look and feel...
The how To Build XERP goes through in detail as to how to construct XERP UI's... As well within the source codes documentation folder is the same how to document with a little better formatting...
XERP is a good foundation for starting an ERP or any sort of enterprise development project as you will get a good set of tables, Log In, Nth Menu Display, Finite modular development with global configurations and global properties, User Session, ect... What it is lacking is content but it will come... as more and more developers latch on to the XERP design and build Content it will be reviewed and considered to be added to the base product...

The beauty of XERP is in its finite Modulation while holding the modules together via global classes that allow sharing of SQL connection strings and URL service addresses... The finite modulation allows you to take a very small slice of the ERP pie and serve it up in a matter of days... While still providing enough globality to drive menu security and and user security and menu display...

As well XERP can be morphed very easily as at it's core it is POCO nothing fancy nothing magical just very simple .net C# code with a very repeatable pattern... So if you build one finite module you can very easily jump in to any module and understand it as they are all repeatable and will share the same code base...

The idea would be to allow Businesses a zero cost base to the base XERP product allowing their .net developers the root functionality of XERP and then allow them to modify the source code directly per finite module as required per business requirements...

No longer will small businesses be gouged at the spicket month after month for sub par ERP systems... No longer will small business require highly paid specialists to work on propietary ERP systems... XERP is POCO (Plain Old C# Code) Built only with standard .net libraries and or freeware libraries... No 3rd party tools that are required... The money you save implementing XERP you can spend on .net C# MVVM developers to customize and maintain the software to your specific requirements...

No longer are you forced to upgrade globally from the big software ERP firms... With XERP you can target any of of the finite modules you would choose to upgrade... and or perhaps you don't take any at all and morph XERP in to your very own custom ERP system...

I have worked on ERP systems from big software house for so long and have grown so disgusted with the sub par products they provide... Once they hook you in they own you... You pay them blood money every month... Then when you have to hire their people to help you with bugs you found in their software... It amazes me that so many companies are held hostage by this big software houses... They have no idea how easy it is to take control of their very own ERP and XERP is great foundation to start that process...

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cbvoxel Apr 18, 2014 at 11:47 AM 
MattPaulson you know what you're talking about! I have been working in the ERP business for 3 years only , but I am equally disgusted by the way big software companies own you. It is a shame, that businesses have to spent so much on as you say 'sub-par' solutions, invest rediculous amounts of money, only to get the solution to do what you barely expect, meanwhile dealing with time and money consuming bugs, whose fixes seem to also be your financial responsibility.
I will look into your project, and I hope that XErp will be my new basis. Thanks for those words, I had thought I was the only one perceiving this as a problem.