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Using the new Visual Studio 2012 Stack (Entity Framework 2,WCF Data Services, WPF, XAML, MVVM) we will build an ERP system as an alternative for enterprise management systems from giants such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, and from the small software developers in their own niches.

XERP will be done in WPF, C#, and Simple MVVM Toolkit

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Who owns the code?
You own the code as long as you help us to develop XERP

What you have to do to be owner of the code?
Help us build more modules as we go along.

More Project Background Notes

The purpose of XERP is to create a WPF + Simple MVVM Toolkit for ERP.

Project Description
ERP Based using pure C#, WPF and SimpleMVVMToolkit

XERP is an Open Source ERP written in XAML and C# POCO

this is where we begun

Our Collaborative Environment
We are all unique in our personalities, experience, and perspectives. Our team will collaborate effectively by maintaining an atmosphere of genuine respect for all.

The selection and/or development of software tools for application development is extremely important.

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